Desh Bhagat University (DBU) Punjab: B.Ed Syllabus, B.Ed Eligibility Criteria, Bachelor of Education.

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Desh Bhagat University (DBU) Punjab: B.Ed Syllabus, B.Ed Eligibility Criteria, Bachelor of Education.

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Get a free counselling session with our experts in the field to guide you for your career.

B.Ed Admission Process From Desh Bhagat University: DBU B.Ed Syllabus & Eligibility Criteria, Direct B.Ed Admission 2024.

Admission Open for all courses

Training as a subject has seen its declaration of the most favoured stream among the understudies trying to form their future looking like a dignitary educator. The Modern schooling has adjusted a worldwide viewpoint as the educators overall have likewise to keep them changed according to the widespread enhancements in their own field of specialisation. Accordingly it is fundamental that the Teachers ought to likewise be soaked with the significant capacities of instruction. A specific course in Teaching Education might be portrayed as “the mix of different encounters, activities, methods and methodologies expected to outfit the unique minds of future educators with the learning, approaches and fitness to embrace their work splendidly in study hall and the group of friends as a dignitary individual from training calling. To accomplish this objective DBU offers B.Ed., M.Ed. also, M.A Education courses with a faithful obligation to instill capable and novel instructors combined with absorbed inventive greatness and invigorating moral equipping. As the Education stream has sustained into a dignitary pacesetter and drawing in a wide range of chances, B.Ed., M.Ed. what’s more, M.A Education have come about into the most favoured course among the understudies trying for a specific specialisation or flawlessness in educating strategies.

Bachelor of Education B.Ed. | Master of Education M.Ed. | MA Education

Being a head instructive establishment, DBU School of Education endeavors hard to grant quality training and enhancing the understudies with unbelievable academic pursuits according to the rules and standards set somewhere near NCTE. The careful instructional method of the courses has been indefatigably intended to prepare the future instructors of the country with the assorted information regarding the matters and educational program of public schools. Alongside this, the durable desire and greatness to get a handle on learning and to empower showing strategies has been imparted in the competitors. The division of instruction has been advanced with every one of the most recent conveniences like advanced homerooms, advanced library, PC labs, useful labs, language labs and so forth to furnish the understudies with the necessary hard and delicate abilities.

To arise a splendid educator out of a student educator, the division centers around empowering different examination exercises, courses and rivalries that teach certainty, fitness and expert comprehension in them. This multitude of elements one of a kind undertakings furnish them with the aptitudes to accomplish the heights of flawlessness and at last lucky man DBU School of Education as the most favored objective among the understudies to concentrate on B.Ed., M.Ed., MA Education. Aside from improving the understudies with educational or scholastic greatness, the school arranges different occasions to furnish them with industry ability. The school has right from its start been a focal point of educational, socio-social and intelligent activities. Different courses and widespread developments are coordinated intermittently to work with the understudies with fundamental capacities of an instructor. And furthermore, the visits to different Centers of Advanced Education in different colleges are coordinated to give openness to the understudies about the idea of examination and paper on Education.

B.Ed Admission From DBU Punjab

Desh Bhagat University gives a B.Ed course, which further develops your showing expertise in a useful and hypothetical way and makes you ready to show in a homeroom climate. It expands your capacity to make sense of a point in a simple way. Bachelor Of Education is a two-year degree course that contains both hypothesis and commonsense.

Course Name

[B.Ed] Bachelor Of Education

Course Level



2 years

University Name

Desh Bhagat University

Official Website


Amloh Road, Dist Fatehgarh Sahib, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab 147301

Course Fees

Rs. 68,200



Average  Starting Salary

2 Lakh To 8 Lakh

 Employment Areas

·        Coaching Centres

·        Research and Development Agencies

·        Publishing Houses

·        Schools& Colleges

·        Education Departments

·        Home Tuitions

·        Education Consultancies

·        Private Tuitions

 Job Types

·        Teacher

·        Content Writer

·        Administrator

·        Assistant Dean

·        Counselor

·        Military Trainer

·        Principle

·        Instructor

·        Librarian

·        Syllabus Designer

·        Education Researcher

You can do this course after the culmination of a bachelor’s certificate from any stream. In the wake of doing this course you have the open door in different fields like Teaching, Research, Counselor, Administrator.

Qualification For B.Ed In Desh Bhagat University

  1. BEd is a two-year degree course that should be possible solely after graduation from any stream (like B.Sc, BA, B.Com)with no less than half denotes (that might shift as per the foundation). Without graduation (bachelor’s certificate) you can not do this course.
  2. Some of the organizations lead selection tests for B.Ed where a portion of the establishments take direct confirmation.


    Specialization In B.Ed (Bachelor Of Education)

    • B.Ed from Accounts
    • B.Ed from Commerce
    • B.Ed from Economics
    • B.Ed from Business Studies
    • B.Ed from Computer Science
    • B.Ed from Information Technology
    • B.Ed from English
    • B.Ed from Sanskrit
    • B.Ed from Maths
    • B.Ed from Geography
    • B.Ed from Home Science
    • B.Ed from Biological Sciences
    • B.Ed from Child Development
    • B.Ed from Physical Science
    • B.Ed from Special Education

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