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MA Education

MA Education or Master of Arts [Education] is a 2-Year post-graduation course for those willing to pursue a career in education. MA in education is a post-graduate course consisting of 4 semesters. A candidate with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for Masters in Education. One can pursue MA in regular as well as distance learning.

Masters in Education acquaints one with the vital concepts, learning modules and research techniques. Master in Education allows one to gain mastery in the field and learn the intricacies of teaching. The syllabus and policies for MA in Education varies depending upon the education institute. The admission process for MA in education may differ depending upon the university and institute.

Moreover, an undergraduate program only provides one with the optimum knowledge of the subject. However, MA in education takes this understanding to the next level. It imposes the knowledge that students gain during their bachelors and provides advanced degrees in teaching. The candidates that pursue MA in Education introduce one with teaching technicalities and education intricacies. Post the completion of MA in education students gets access to humungous opportunities. The exposure after MA in Education is wide.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for MA Education is given below:

  • A candidate with a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline such as Physical Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Commerce, Management, Arts, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Medicine etc from a recognized with a minimum of 50% marks can pursue this course. The percentage requirement for admission in MA in education varies from institute to institute.
  • The percentage requirement for direct admission in MA in education is granted on the basis of the merit obtained in the graduation. Apart from this, many institutions have entrance examinations. The admission is given to the students on the basis of the merit obtained in the entrance examination.

Admission Process

  • The admissions for MA in Education Course is executed based on both entrance examination as well as the merit obtained in graduation. The admission process for the MA in education is done directly or through the entrance examination process. It is essential to go through the admission process of the institute before applying for the postgraduation program.

    • Candidates who are applying for the MA Education program must have their entrance examination results
    • The Candidates can fill out the admission form either from the college website or offline i.e., by visiting the college campus.
    • Candidates have to fill in the personal details along with the existing documents to secure admission in MA.
    • Candidates must check the list of Entrance Exams that are applicable for MA in education for different universities.
    • Candidates must make sure that they qualify in the education eligibility criteria and secure the minimum marks required for admission.


The curriculum of MA Education is mentioned in the table below:

Philosophy of education

Psychology of education

The methodology of educational research

Curriculum studies

Environmental Education (elective)

Sociology of Education

Advanced Educational psychology

Educational Statistics

Comparative Education

Peace Education (elective)

School Administration and Management

History and Contemporary Issues

Personality Development

Peace Education or Guidance and Counselling or Educational Measurement and Evaluation-I

Teacher education/ Research Proposal

Life-Long Education

Environmental Education

The Human Rights Education Organization and administration of guidance services in India

Educational measurement and evaluation-I


Scope Or Future Advantages of MA Education

Education is one of the most evolving sectors. The scope and exposure in education and teaching are wide. Teachers are always in demand in every sector. The MA in education provides one an opportunity to be a professional teacher, The courses open up umpteen arenas and horizons. Various positions that one can serve after completing MA in education includes assistant professor, student services, coordinator, Director of education, Education training manager, Highschool teacher, educator, elementary school teacher and much more.

The MA in education course covers all the aspects of education, training, teaching and administration. It provides considerable knowledge of the management of education as well as levels of education. After successfully completing the course, the candidate can also opt for further studies by pursuing higher studies, M.Phil or PhD.

The candidates that go for the higher degree can work professionally and take charge of developing curriculum or working as an educational administrator. One can also pursue a job in research, counselling etc. Those interested in further enhancing their expertise and qualifications can consider PhD admissions, which open avenues in advanced research and academic positions. Some job positions that one can work in includes primary school teacher, Education consultant, Counsellors, researchers, private tutor, principals, vice-principal, educationist etc.

Some of the most common areas of employment for MA graduates include Education consultancies, education departments, museums, private tuitions, Publishing houses, research and development agencies, coaching centres etc.

Lecturer: Lecturers are the expert professionals responsible for designing, developing, curating and drafting the course with the use of various methods and platforms. They create lessons, plans, syllabus and curricular. Lecturers are also responsible for conducting research, engaging students, planning conferences and processing applications.               

Professor: Professors are specialized experts. Their knowledge and understanding of the subject are exceptions. The main part of their job is to conduct research, read journals, articles, attend conferences and research on the subject. These activities enable the professor to stay on track and get acquainted with the latest modification in Education.

Principals: A Principal guides and leads the administrative team in schools/colleges. They supervise the daily operations and coordinate with staff as well as management. They manage the development of curriculum and frame policing pertaining to the discipline.

Currently, Schools and colleges scout highly qualified MA graduates to enhance the level of education and provide quality education to all the students. The candidates with MA in education degree have valuable knowledge of the sector and allow one to gauge the thriving opportunities.

Candidates with MA in education can seek various positions. Their skills and proficiency in the education sector can give a boost to their career. However, the reputation and faculty of the education institute play an important role. One needs to do complete research and enrol with a leading college/university for MA in education for a profound kick start.



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