Asian International University, Manipur: Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Course Fees, Course Duration, Scopec, F & Q,

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Asian International University, Manipur: Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Course Fees, Course Duration, Scopec, F & Q,

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Get a free counselling session with our experts in the field to guide you for your career.

Asian International University (AIU) About As:

Welcome to Asian International University.
The establishment of the Asian International University (AIU) in 2010 marked a noteworthy development in the Asian higher education landscape. AIU has concentrated on developing a dynamic academic environment that complies with international educational standards as a modern institution. The following are salient features that usually define the establishment and growth of an institution of this kind:
Our goal at Asian International University (AIU) is to develop leaders and innovators who will impact the world. AIU was founded with the goal of offering top-notch education, and since then, it has emerged as a leader in higher education by fusing demanding coursework with a lively, diverse campus community.
Our goal is to establish a setting that encourages creativity, intellectual development, and cross-cultural interaction. Our goal is to provide our pupils with the knowledge and skills need to prosper in a world that is changing quickly and contribute significantly to society.

Our Objective Academic Excellence: Under the direction of a strong staff committed to teaching, research, and innovation, we provide a wide choice of programmes and courses. Our curriculum is meant to push students while promoting their ability to think critically and solve problems.
Global Perspective: AIU offers a truly international experience, with instructors and students hailing from over 50 nations. Through our numerous programmes and projects, we foster global awareness and intercultural understanding.
Community Involvement: We think that education has the ability to change communities. We promote social impact and community involvement among our students as a means of developing their sense of leadership and accountability.

Our Principles Integrity: Maintaining the greatest levels of sincerity and moral conduct in all of our undertakings.
Innovation: Promoting inventiveness and the search for novel concepts in community involvement, research, and education.
Excellence is aiming for the best possible outcomes for students, teachers, and learners.
Diversity: Honouring and valuing our academics, staff, and students’ diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.
Courses of Study  AIU provides a broad range of graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programmes in a number of fields, such as:  

Economics and Business

Technology and Engineering

Social Sciences and Humanities                  

Natural Science

Medical Sciences


Investigation and Originality  At AIU, our objective revolves around research. Our cutting-edge research facilities and centres of excellence offer the ideal setting for novel discoveries and inventive ideas. We encourage teachers and students to work together on multidisciplinary initiatives that tackle global issues.
Life on Campus Offering a wide variety of educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities, our campus is a lively and dynamic environment. At AIU, there is something for everyone, including sports, the arts, and student clubs and organisations. Our state-of-the-art facilities, which offer comfortable and conducive learning environments, include libraries, labs, sports complexes, and student housing.

Global Collaborations With eminent academic institutions and universities worldwide, we have formed strategic alliances. These partnerships improve our academic offerings and give our students access to exchange programmes, internships, and cooperative research projects.

Asian International University (AIU) Offers Courses:

Asian International University (AIU) provides a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. Degrees in marketing, finance, and business administration are offered by the faculty of business. Programmes in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering are available through the Faculty of Engineering. Software engineering, information technology, and computer science are the areas of expertise for the Faculty of Computer Science. English and fine arts programmes are offered by AIU’s Faculty of Arts, whereas biology, chemistry, and physics are covered by the Faculty of Sciences. Political science, sociology, and psychology degrees are also available from the Faculty of Social Sciences. In order to give every student a thorough education, the university also has specialised faculties like those in medicine, law, education, economics, and architecture.


Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Faculty of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


Bachelor of Finance

Master of Finance


Bachelor of Marketing

Master of Marketing

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Master of Electrical Engineering


Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Master of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science

Master of Computer Science


Bachelor of Information             Technology

Master of Information Technology


Bachelor of Software Engineering

Master of Software Engineering

Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in English

Master of Arts in English Literature


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts

Faculty of Sciences

Bachelor of Biology

Master of Biology


Bachelor of Chemistry

Master of Chemistry


Bachelor of Physics

Master of Physics

Faculty of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Psychology

Master of Psychology



Bachelor of Sociology

Master of Sociology



Bachelor of Political Science

Master of Political Science


Faculty of Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine

Master of Public Health




Bachelor of Surgery

Master of Surgery


Faculty of Law

Bachelor of Law

Master of Law


Faculty of Education

Bachelor of Education

Master of Education


Faculty of Economics

Bachelor of Economics

Master of Economics



Faculty of Architecture


Bachelor of Architecture

Master of Architecture


Asian International University (AIU) Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What prerequisites must be met in order to be admitted to undergraduate programmes?

Answer: A high school diploma or its equivalent, scores on standardised tests (SAT or ACT), and documentation of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS for non-native speakers) are usually required for admission to undergraduate programmes.

Question: How can I apply to AIU?

Answer: You can apply online at the AIU website by completing the application and sending in the necessary paperwork, which includes recommendation letters, test results, and transcripts.

Question: What is the deadline for applications?

Answer: Application deadlines differ according to intake and programme. Kindly refer to the AIU admissions page for the precise deadlines.

Question: What kinds of courses is AIU offering?

Answer: AIU provides a broad selection of undergraduate and graduate courses in several fields, including business, engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Law, Education, Economics, Social Sciences, and Computer Science.


Question: Does AIU provide courses online?

Answer: To meet the needs of students who choose or require remote learning, AIU does offer a variety of online courses and degree programmes.

Question: What is the ratio of students to faculty at AIU?

Answer: With an average ratio of 15:1, AIU’s student-to-faculty ratio is intended to provide individualised attention and support.
Financial Assistance and Tuition

Question: What is the cost of tuition?

Answer: Study levels and programmes have different tuition costs. For more details, please visit the AIU tuition and fees website.

Question: Is financial assistance offered?

Answer: Yes, AIU provides a range of financial aid opportunities, such as student loans, grants, and scholarships. Students who qualify can apply for financial aid support via the financial aid office of AIU.

Question: Are there any scholarships available to students studying abroad?

Answer: AIU does provide scholarships especially for students from abroad, given consideration to their financial need and academic standing. See the scholarships page for further information.

Question: What kinds of accommodation alternatives are there for students?

Answer: AIU offers both flats and dorms for students looking to live on campus. Assistance with off-campus housing is also offered to students who would rather live off campus.

Question: What are the available student organisations and activities at AIU?

Answer: There are lots of clubs, organisations, and events for students at AIU that cater to a wide range of interests, including sports, the arts, culture, and academics.

Question: Is there a medical facility on campus?

To assist the health and wellbeing of students, AIU offers a health centre with medical services, counselling, and wellness programmes.


Question: What kind of support services are offered to students from other countries?

Answer: AIU provides all-inclusive support services, such as language aid, orientation programmes, visa assistance, and cultural integration activities, to international students.

Question: I want to study at AIU; do I need a visa?

Answer: In order to study at AIU, international students normally require a student visa. The international office of the university can help with the visa application procedure.

Question: How can I get my English better before I start my programme?

Answer: To assist non-native speakers in strengthening their language proficiency prior to starting their academic studies, AIU provides English language classes and preparation programmes.






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